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Choosing the right sauna stove

A sauna stove is a key decision that will affect how your sauna works for you. Before you decide on other sauna features, you should decide on which sauna stove is right for you. You can select an electric, infrared, or wood burning stove for your sauna, and which sauna stove you select will largely depend on what you want from your sauna and where you live.

Wood burning sauna stoves are often ideal for people who live where firewood is inexpensive and plentiful. If you live in area where electricity is not available or is expensive or unreliable, then a wood burning sauna stove is an ideal option for you. Many people favor a wood burning sauna stove no matter where they live because they enjoy the superior scent and beauty of the wood burning sauna stove. On the other hand, building codes, insurance costs, and regulations about wood burning stoves in your area may prevent you from owning this type of sauna stove in your home. Do check before buying any sauna stove what local building codes are in your area.

Electric or infrared sauna stoves are often used in cities, where electricity is plentiful and usually fairly reliable. If your home uses gas heat, you will likely want a gas sauna stove. If your home is heated by electricity, an electric sauna stove or infrared will likely be ideal for you. With both the electric or gas sauna stove, you will lose some of the beauty and smell of the wood sauna stove, but you will gain convenience. No cutting or acquiring wood is needed for the electric or gas sauna stove and the stove is easier to clean as well, as no ashes are created. If a clean burning stove is important for you, then an electric or gas sauna stove will be a good option for you.


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