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  • About Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas

    About Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas

    Northern Lights Manufactures the finest barrel saunas made from Canadian Western Red Cedar. We export internationally direct to our customers in order to provide the best customer service and the most competitive prices. If you have any question feel free to call us at 1 800 759 8990.See Pricing
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    Northern Lights Saunas

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    Barrel Saunas

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Barrel Saunas

Barrel Saunas

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Easy to install Pre-Fab Sauna Kits save time and money, with easy to follow instructions!

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Sauna Kits

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Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas

barrel saunaNorthern Lights Cedar Saunas manufacture the finest outdoor barrel saunas and indoor sauna kits. Each sauna is hand crafted using the finest Western Red Cedar. Our unique stave design for our barrel saunas ensure a water tight seal so that no roof or covering is needed. We use only the finest components including clear Grade “A” western red cedar, stainless steel straps and fasteners, and offer sauna heating system using electric or wood fired options as well as our popular hybrid sauna heating system that utilized both traditional sauna heating technology as well as infrared sauna heating technology.

Our outdoor barrel saunas and indoor cedar sauna rooms come in a simple Pre-Fab Sauna kits, that is simple to install even by the “Not so Handy”! Most saunas can be installed in under a day with minimal or no carpentry experience. Visit our Sauna Installation Guide.

We export globally so please give us a call any time 1-800-759-8990!

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Barrel Sauna Models and Sizes

Title4 Person6 Person8 Person
Volume 154 ft3(4.4m3) 226 ft3(6.4m3) 259 ft3(7.3m3)
Exterior Dimensions (L x H)

71-1/8 x76-3/8” (180.7 x 194 cm)

83-1/8 x 85-3/4” (211 x 217.7 cm)

93-1/2” x 85-3/4” (237.5 x 217.7 cm)

Interior Height *From flat floor 71-7/8” (182.6 cm) 76-3/4”* (195 cm*) 76-3/4”* (195 cm*)
Door Opening Dimensions 24 x 62” (61 x 157.5cm) 24 x 71-3/8” (61 x 181.3 cm)

24 x 71-3/8” (61 x 181.3 cm)

Bench Dimensions (W x L)
1 – same height seats; 2- high seat; 3- low seat
20-1/8 x 65-1/4”(51.3 x 165.9 cm) 22-7/8 x 75-1/8”20-1/4 x 75-1/8”3 22-7/8 x 86-1/4”20-1/4 x 86-1/4”3
Flat Floor Width None provided 30” (76.2 cm) 30” (76.2 cm)
Base Dimensions (W x L) 65 x 65” (165 x 165 cm) 63 x 72-3/4” (160 x 184.8 cm) 63 x 84-3/4” (160 x 215.3 cm)
Heater Options 5kW Wet/Dry or Wood Heater 6kW Wet/Dry or Wood Heater 7.5kW Wet/Dry or Wood Heater
Heat-up time 20 min 20 min 20 min
Heating Options 2 IR panel addition 4 IR panel addition none

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Sauna with Change Room

12 foot Barrel Sauna

Home Barrel Saunas

Includes full Change room

This sauna was inspired by our large commercial sauna and features a full change room with seating of 10 or more. The 12’long by 7’ diameter barrel sauna is the largest of its kind and made from 100% clear Western Red Cedar.

See Sauna Details

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Sauna Reviews

  • Hey Dan, Just converted my spare closet into a sauna room. The carbon fiber infrared sauna panel work great. We had a small room and used 4 panels. I put in a nice little cedar bench to give it some sauna flavor. My wife loves it too. It was a great Xmas present and we will get lots of use. I will send you some pictures next week.Thanks for all your help
    Steve Chan
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8 More Reasons To Love Your Sauna

  • Craftsmanship


    All our saunas are manufactured by our skilled craftsmen with many years of experience and knowledge of precision wood construction.
  • Fast Heat Up

    Fast Heat Up

    The round shape of our outdoor sauna ensures a fast heat up time. The reason is that there are no corners where the heat gets trapped. That means a volume reduction of 23% and a very efficient use of heating energy.
  • King Size Diameter

    King Size Diameter

    Our saunas are designed for your comfort. That is why the diameter of our outdoor sauna is over 83 inches.
  • Bi-Level Benches

    Bi-Level Benches

    As in any genuine sauna, our outdoor saunas have bi-level benches to ensure different temperatures at both benches for true comfort.
  • Smart Design

    Smart Design

    Our smart stave design and laser guided milling ensures a waterproof barrel without the need of additional roofing.
  • Install Anywhere

    Install Anywhere

    All parts fit through a regular door way enabling you to install your sauna just about anywhere. Wether in an enclosed backyard, on a roof terrace, on a moutain top, or other hard to reach place,... you will not need a crane!
  • Premium Materials

    Premium Materials

    Only the best materials are used in manufacturing your sauna such as clear Red Cedar, stainless steel fixings, high performance technical units and components.
  • Insulated Door

    Insulated Door

    The double glazed and cedar door provide optimal insulation as well as a view outwards.
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