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  • What is Barrel Sauna warranty?

    We feel that being honest is a much better policy to win your trust rather than trying to lure you with near impossible statements such as life time warranty. Nothing lasts forever! Our warranty policy is simple, we offer a 3 year warranty on everything we sell. With this warranty you will get NO hastle next business day replacement (if shipping service permits). However, as a valued customer you will get full engineering support through the life time ownership of your product. Our heaters do carry longer warranties as we pass on the manufacture warranties from our suppliers and this is where you will find the "lifetime guarantees".
  • What is Hypo Allergetic wood?

    Many sauna manufacture (mostly from Asia) use cheaper woods such as hemlock, pine or spruce. Their marketers have coined a phrase "hypo allergetic wood". This is one of the lowest marketing tactics I have seen to date. This is being done in order to give some precived value to an otherwise very low valued wood. The fact is that cedar produces no off gases or saps. There have been documented cases of allergies developing from prolonged exposure to cedar dust such as a saw mill workers. I have yet to come acros a single case of any one being allergic to cedar in any other way. Cedar is the number one wood of choice for sauna manufacturers and builders, however it is also one of the most expensive and thus the slanderous remarks.
  • How are your sauna rooms shipped?

    Our sauna come on pallet in a knock down Pre-Fab design. We use LTL freight couriers such as YRC, Day & Ross, and Freight Ways as an example to deliver the sauna package to your residence or business. In most cases we will arrange for tail gate delivery to delivery you sauna to the driveway. However in some cases this service may not be offered and the items will need to be removed from the pallet at the time of delivery.
  • Why are your heaters made from Surgical Stainless Steel?

    Stainless steel comes in many grades. Surgical is considered the highest standard with the fewest impurities. This is important as it will never rust. Other low grade steel sauna heaters will eventually fail especially if used with water to produce steam or in an outdoor environment.
  • What are the electrical requirements for your saunas?

    All our heater require a dedicated 220-240 VAC connection. This should be done by a licensed contractor. A properly installed sauna heater does not need a GFCI like a hot tub does. The amperage of the heater will depend on the size of heater chosen and can very from 20-60 amps for most sauna rooms.
  • What is Hybrid Technology?

    Hybrid Technology is the most advanced, medically effective sauna on the market. It uses deep penetrating Infrared technology from carbon ceramic panel heaters that maximize body coverage. At the same time the traditional Finnish rock heater quickly brings up inside temperature to the bathers comfort level (no need to wait). Because effective infrared occurs between 4-14 microns, there is very little air heat created in a properly designed IR sauna. With the addition of a Finnish heater users have full control over the environnmental temperature inside the sauna. With Hybrid Technology, bathers can even add water which aids in opening the pores. Even light bathing is possible in the Hybrid Sauna as well as aromatherapy. The Hybrid Sauna meets the needs of all types of bathers.
  • What is different about your saunas?

    The most important thing to look at is materials and workmanship when investing in a sauna. Our Hybrid Saunas and Barrel Saunas are made with 1 1/2" thick Western Red Cedar. Compare this to other companies and you will quickly see the difference in quality and workmanship. Our saunas are designed for longetivity. We believe customers buy our products because they work! You won't find a TV or other gimics devices included with our products. But you will find quality materials such as stainless steel heaters and straps, and we back all our products with great customer servicing and technical support.
  • What is your exchange refund policy?

    We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, if you are not, ship it back to us in the original packaging condition and we will refund your purhase less a 10% restocking fee. Refund offer valid for 30 days from receipt of product.
  • Are there any taxes or duty?

    No our saunas are made in Canada and fall under the NAFTA free trade agreement. Therefore US customers pay no sales taxes or duties. 6% GST will be added to Canadian customers invoices. Manitoba residents will pay both PST 7% and GST 6%.
  • How do you ship?

    For complete sauna kits including infrared, barrel, and DIY kits, please allow 3-4 weeks delivery. These kits are shipped via our preferred freight forwarder company and where possible we will schedule residential tailgate delivery (curbside). Heaters and accessories are usually in stock unless otherwise displayed. These are shipped via courier or Canada Post and usually are 4-5 day delivery service. We do have expedited shipping services available for an additional fee. Please call us if you need a rush order. Once your order has been shipped you will be contacted via email and a tracking number will be provided.
  • What is the optimum height for a sauna?

    A sauna should be between 6 1/2'-7'. Any higher than this and you are heating wasted air space.
  • Do you have a brochure?

    No not any more, we used to have catalgues and brochures but we have since made a leap ahead into cyber world, and are now using our website as the most accurate and up to-date information guide. The internet now allows us to provide our customers with a much larger wealth of information without the associated costs of print media. However, if you do have a question you can call us anytime and we most certainly will help. If you are working on a larger project, you can take advantage of our engineering support at no cost.
  • How do I know I have selected the correct configuration?

    Don't worry, we are only a phone call away and would love to talk with you in person should the internet be intimidating. We have tried to make our website very informative to help educate you on our products. However sometimes picking up the phone is easier. We are not an internet warehouse, we are a sauna manufacturer, we take pride in assisting you with the best advice and support we can provide. Please call us anytime or use email if that is more convenient!
  • How do I pay?

    You can pay by a variety of methods. We accept Paypal or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amxex, Discovery). Alternatively we accept. Money/wire transfers are also accepted in either US $ or Canadian $ currency. We also accept any form of bank payment including bank draft, certified check, or money order (sorry no personal cheques). Once you have selected the items, you can check out through our shopping cart or simply call as and we can help you over the phone.
  • How much energy does it consume?

    The great thing about saunas is they only consume power when you're using it. The heaters used by Northern Lights are rated at 7.5Kw. This means for every hour the elements are on the heater will consume 7.5 Kw of power. At current hydro rates (7 cents per Kwh ) the sauna heater will use 52.5 cents worth of power for every full hour the heater is active. A 1 hr sauna session with a 1/2 hr heat up will consume no more than 79 cents of hydro. This number is actually higher than reality because of the insulation value of the wood which will cause the heater to shut off once the interior has reached desired temperature. Of coarse the wood fired hot tubs cost nothing other than your sweat equity to chop some wood.
  • Do Finns really jump out naked into the snow in the middle of sauna bathing and roll around in winter time? Or go swimming in a frozen lake?

    Some do, most don't. This is a habit that requires a healthy heart and a bit of courage, but it is practised, and there are some enthusiasts who think sauna in the winter is nothing without a quick swim in the snow or freezing water. Of course, others think this is sheer madness.
  • How hot is it in there?

    This varies according to the bathers' wishes. Usually the temperature is between 60°C and 110°C, the widely-agreed-upon ideal temperature being somewhere around 85°degrees. Sometimes (after a few drinks) Finnish men engage in an unhealthy competition over who can stay in a hot sauna the longest time. This is not the way sauna is meant to be enjoyed, not to mention that it can be dangerous. Also, you shouldn't engage in excessive drinking in a sauna. A cold beer after sauna, however, tastes usually great.
  • How are you supposed to bathe?

    There are no rules, only guidelines. Finns like their traditions, but do not enforce them on themselves or foreigners. Usually you bathe together with your family. If you are with friends or others that aren't family members, men and women take turns bathing separately. Most public saunas are separate for men and women, but not all. You take all your clothes off (this is not a rule, mind you; if someone wants to use a towel or bathing suite, it's not a breach of any important etiquette), go and sit down on the benches and relax. The air is not particularly humid at first (there is no visible steam), and when you feel like it, you throw some water on the stones to increase humidity. This causes the water to vaporize very quickly, and it makes the bathers feel a momentary breath of hot air on their backs. It may be uncomfortable, if the stove is too hot or if you use too much water, and in those cases it helps to step down on the lower bench, or to go out entirely. This is also perfectly acceptable, and first-time sauna bathers shouldn't feel obligated to stay in if they don't feel like it. The basic goal is to enjoy and relax, and sweat. After you've done enough of that, you go to the showers, and/or swim in the lake, depending on the facilities. After swimming or showering, you can go back to the sauna, and repeat this cycle as many times as you want.
  • What is a Finnish sauna like?

    The basic parts are the stove ("kiuas"), filled with fist-sized stones, and the benches or platforms ("lauteet"), made of wood (anecdotes of metal benches in the saunas of some Finnish-built Russian warships are told :). There are usually two benches, one of which is higher (the seat) and the other one lower (place to rest your feet on, or another seat if you feel it's too hot). These are what all saunas have. The modern saunas have the usual shower and dressing rooms too, but the traditional ones near a lake or sea (usually in the vicinity of a summer cabin, or built in one) do not require anything but a stove for heating and a bench to sit down on -- you can do the cleansing in the lake. The stove is traditionally fuelled by wood, but electrically heated saunas are common due to their safe, easy and clean use. The average sauna has room for 3-6 people at a time.
  • Why is sauna something special in Finland?

    Mostly because of ancient traditions. Wherever the Finns lived, there has traditionally been a sauna nearby their residences. In the early days of Finnish history, it was a small wooden hut near a lake, and people used it not only for cleaning themselves, but also for childbirths, some medical operations and other duties that required a clean, bacteria-free environment. Today, practically all houses in Finland have a sauna. In urban areas, you usually have one per building, but even in a relatively small apartment it is not a rare piece of luxury these days. This being the case, Finns discover at an early age what a refreshing way it is to clean oneself both physically and mentally. The tradition is not a dying one either.
  • What does it cost to operate a saunas?

    Saunas are very efficient because they are only consuming electricity when they are being used. A sauna costs about as much as running a dryer or a stove. A normal sauna can be up to optimim use in 25 minutes including warm up time. Wood fired saunas are the least expensive if you have a large supply of wood.
  • What is the lead time for a sauna order?

    This varies depending on the season. Generally we recommend allowing 3 weeks delivery form the time you place the order. However we certainly do our best to accommodate and upon request we can usually expedite an order if required at no cost.
  • What forms of Payment do you accept?

    We accept all major forms of credit card. We also can do direct wires should you wish to pay. We do accept checks and money orders but this can result in a delay until the payment has fully cleared.
  • I see people jumping in cold water such as a lake? Is this healthy?

    This is a practice that is known as immersion therapy and medically can be beneficial helping with inflammation and increasing the body’s blood circulation as the veins contract and expand to accommodate the hot and cold. Please contact your physician to ensure you are fit enough for this pleasure torture practice!
  • What is the warranty of your DIY Sauna Rooms?

    Our complete sauna rooms are warrantied for 5 full years against manufacture defects. This includes all components including the Heaters. Should you require a replacement part we will ship it to you free of charge.
  • How long does a sauna room take to heat up?

    This all depends on the room volume and the power of the heater. Generally give the sauna 15-30 minutes to get warm. If it is outdoors you may need longer for the entire sauna to heat up as the wood will also need to be warmed.
  • Why should I use clear cedar versus woods like pine?

    Clear cedar is best for saunas as it has no knots. Knots in wood produce sap which can burn bathers. Knots also are a big reason for wood twisting and warping. Cedar does not get hot to the touch like other woods and is naturally resistant to mildew and decay.
  • Should I stain the inside of a sauna?

    You should never stain the sauna interior with any traditional stain. However you may want to seal the interior with special water based sauna sealant designed for high temperature of sauna.

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