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Jul 2014

Message: Hi there I just love the look of you barrel saunas.  I have seen another sauna similar to your and it has a change room on it.   I don't seem to see any design that has this.  Is this something you can custom make for us.  We don't need a big sauna as ther are just the two of us.   I was thinking your 4' barrel sauna with a 3' change room and then the sauna in the inside.  We live in Whistler BC. Jerry

Dated on : 07-11-2013

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Jerry while we don't have a design for a sauna with a change room we could build one for you at an addional cost.  The problem with the sauna with change room and a barrel sauna is that you need to go larger than 8' in most cases as this would give you more interior room.  We use only the finest clear western red cedar in our sauna rooms and it gets very pricy the longer you go.  If you only wanted a 8' sauna with a small change room we could custom build this for you at an addional cost of $1500.  This would included two sauna walls each with a door and a small 3' seat in the 1st sauna change room.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 07-11-2013


Dan that sound perfect!   I would be more than happy to pay the extra price for the custom sauna with a change room.   What is the next step should I call you?  How do you want to proceed with this order? Jerry

Post By : Jerry Stewart Dated On : 07-11-2013


Jerry please give me a call at 1 800 759 8990 to discuss the custom sauna and change room.  We can then get your shipping details and put it into production. Thanks   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 07-11-2013



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