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Using Sauna Rocks in Your Sauna

Sauna rocks rest on top of the sauna heater. They are essential to the sauna experience. Sauna rocks or stones are heated by the sauna heater or stove. They hold the heat and then create sauna steam when water is poured over them. Your sauna manual or instruction guide will tell you how to best use your sauna rocks for the best effect. In general, though, sauna rocks should be on the heater elements so that the elements completely cover them. This way, the sauna rocks will absorb the heat from the elements in order to create a comfortable heat in your sauna. This method will also ensure that the sauna rocks heat up enough to produce good steam when they are covered with water. If your sauna rocks sit on a grill or basket, it may be harder to control the heat and you may have a harder time getting as much steam as you might light.

It is important to select very high quality rocks because the humidity and the constant heating and cooling that sauna rocks are exposed to results in huge stress. Sauna rocks will crack and crumble. Ideally, you will want to choose the strongest rocks so that this process is as slow as possible, as crumbling rocks hold heat badly, produce little steam, and may eventually clog your stove.

Surprisingly, the most ideal sauna rocks are that have been exposed to almost no weather. Quartz and iron rocks or sauna rocks with high quartz or iron content may produce little steam. Some rocks may produce poisonous or bad smells, which should obviously be avoided. Most dangerous of all, some rocks can explode, potentially causing serious injury or death. For all these reasons, you will want to purchase quality sauna rocks that have been especially created for the sauna. You should also take care to purchase your rocks from a qualified sauna dealer such as Northern Lights Cedar Saunas to ensure complete safety and quality.


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