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Sauna Care and General Maintenance

Caring for Your Sauna Room

Sauna maintenance will be much easier if the floor has been fully sealed and wood preservative applied to selected parts. When finished using the sauna, propping the door open will allow good air-flow to dry out all wood surfaces. Duckboards can be lifted up to dry.

A double layer of terrycloth should be used on the top bench for comfort as well as for keeping the top bench clean from all perspiration. The terrycloth should be washed occasionally.

Sauna Cleaner

Sauna Cleaner

Under normal conditions, a slight wash of the floor several times a year will maintain its cleanliness. The cedar benches can be washed with a mild solution of liquid sauna cleaner and water to remove any buildup and perspiration stains from the wood. Never use ammonia or harsh cleaners as they can turn the wood gray.

Sauna Sealant

Sauna Sealant

We recommend you use an interior sauna preservative that has a specially formulated sealant that should be applied to cedar surfaces to prevent discoloration. No stripping or sanding is required to recoat. Do not use commercial wood sealers from local lumber yards or hardware stores. These are not designed to withstand the sauna temperatures or humidity!

Sauna Maintenance

Some swelling or shrinkage can occur in the door depending on the seasons and the moisture levels in the home. The friction door catch can be removed and the pressure setting can be adjusted. 

The light bulb can be replaced by any 40 or 60 watt bulb of any color, including white. Amber-orange colored bulbs are the most ideal for a soft, warm and comfortable light. A shorter bulb life is normal for sauna lights. One suggestion is to use a "rough service" bulb, the type used in automotive trouble lights. These will last longer.

Outdoor Barrel Saunas

Generally, it is recommended to stain the outside of any outdoor sauna to protect it from the elements such as sun and rain. A good quality semitransparent stain should be used. Depending on the quality of stain you many need to reapply every 2-5 years to keep your sauna looking like new!

Heater maintenance

Heaters usually require little or no regular maintenance. To clean the stainless steel outer bands, use a soft cloth with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner. Never use steel wool as it will leave iron particles and create rust stains. Never unassemble the heater or open the electrical box. This should be done by a qualified person.

The granite rocks may need to be replaced in 6 to 10 years. In many cases the rocks will last up to 15 years in good service.

Accessory maintenance

Good care should be taken of the wooden bucket. When not in use, store the bucket upside down to promote drying. Avoid leaving metal buckets on the top bench as they can get hot to the touch nearer the ceiling.

Health Precautions

Like bathing in a hot tub, excessive exposure can be harmful to a person’s health. Persons with poor health should consult their physicians before using the sauna.


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