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Jan 2015

Message: Hi there, I have been looking at buying an outdoor sauna for our lake.  I really like the style of you saunas.  My question is, is will the barrel shaped sauna heat up as quick as a square sauna room with insulation.  We want to use our sauna during the winter and are look at buying a sauna room that could hold upto 6 people. Thanks   Steve Johnson

Dated on : 01-08-2014


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Hi Steve, this is Tim Musicky, one of the owners here at NLCT. I will reply to you under separate email.   Tim

Post By : Tim Musicky Dated On : 01-08-2014

Tim, a barrel shaped sauna has particular advantages over a square box room sauna.  The most important aspect is that given the same number of people in the sauna the air cavity is smaller as there are no wasted corner spaces.   This reduces that amount of sauna space by 23% while seating the same number of people.   Smaller air space means the sauna will heat up quicker and cost less to operate. Another advantage is the natural air flow.  Corners create disturbances in the air flow causing an uneven heating of the sauna room.  A barrel sauna allows the air to flow evenly and symmetrically in the sauna room.  Cedar in in-itself is a great insulating wood and will allow you to heat up your sauna even if the outside temperature is -40 F.  A traditional sauna has never consisted of insulation as a sauna should naturally breath. I hope this answers your questions.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 01-08-2014

Thanks Dan and Tim.  I am sold.  We have the perfect spot in the spruce trees for a sauna.  What size do you recommend for 6 people.  I see you have a 7' and 8'.  We are thinking the 8 foot would be best? Tim

Post By : Steve Johnson Dated On : 01-08-2014

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