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Feb 2014

Message: Good day, we are looking at buying one of your beautiful cedar barrel saunas and are wondering if there is a stain you recommend on the outside as this will be installed outdoors.  Also do you suggest staining the inside of a sauna or just the outside?   Sherry

Dated on : 02-22-2013


Replies :

Sherry when staining a barrel sauna or any type of outdoor sauna we recommend using a good quality stain.  A good stain will last much longer and need less frequent re applications.   A quality stain will also hold its color and not fad or yellow for our saunas we recommend Sikkens stains as we have had lots of success when staining our barrel saunas.  You can look them up on the internet and find a dealer closest to you.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 02-22-2013


Thanks for the quick reply,  I looked it up on the internet and read a few product reviews.  Yes it definitely seem like it is the preferred stain of our barrel sauna or any other out door product.  You guys are great.   can't wait to get the barrel sauna set up!   Thanks   Sherry

Post By : Sherry Young Dated On : 02-22-2013

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