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Jun 2014

Message: I am interested in purchasing an outdoor barrel sauna, but in kit form. I don't see this product option on your site. Is it possible to have in kit form? I live in Winnipeg and prefer DIY

Dated on : 06-04-2013

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Our outdoor saunas only come in kit form.  We are located in Winnipeg at #20-305 McKay Ave so stop by and visit our show room.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 05-01-2013


Hi Jerome, my name is Tim Musicky, VP of Sales. Please give me a call direct at 204-977-1674  Ext 224 and set up a time when you can come by and I can show you our outdoor sauna and see what king od package deal we can put together for you. Tim

Post By : peter moroz Dated On : 05-01-2013

Thank you, I will visit your showroom next week.Thanks again for your quick reply and clarification.?J?r?me DAGNAUD?

Post By : Jerome Dagnaud Dated On : 05-01-2013

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   10:01 PM , 26 Aug 2013
New Question: If you have an outdoor Cedar Sauna do you have to worry about mold on the inside of the Sauna?
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Not at all. A sauna is actually a very dry room as the heat is circulated from the outside in ths sauna and back out. When adding steam to a sauna it is only very temporary. A poper barrel sauna has very good air flow and will dry up quickly after a sauna session.
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