Calculating the number of Infrared panels for saunaby Admin
Dec 2012


Hi there,  I have had someone build me one of your sauna's and it just did not seem to get hot enough.  I have taken sauna's all my life and like it hot!

The size is 28" w x 50" l and 6' 5" h. according to your formula I would need at least 3 panels and I only have 1.  Shouldn't I have have 3 - 4 panels?

Let me know, Thank you!   C Kirk

Dated on : 13-12-2011


Replies :

 The amount of power you would need is 16 watts per cubic foot.  The volume you have is 63 cubic feet.   Thus ideally you should have 63 x 16  =1011 watts.  One IR or Infrared panel produces 300 watts.  so at a minimum you need 3 , which will produce 900 watts.   So 4 would be enough.


Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 28-07-2011

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