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What are Barrel Saunas?

Many Northern Lights Cedar Saunas customers are at first confused about the idea of the "barrel sauna" and in fact many customers first ask what "barrel saunas" are. This is because many people think of saunas as simple rooms filled with steam. Barrel saunas, on the other hand, are rounded saunas that are meant to be used outdoors. They are large and rounded like barrels, with a door at one "end" of the barrel for entering and exiting the sauna.

Northern Lights Cedar Saunas has specialized in barrel saunas for years, and as a result has found that the barrel design offers many advantages:

  • Room: The Northern Lights Cedar Saunas barrel saunas are "cottage size", meaning that they can fit eight people comfortably. They offer more head room and leg room than many of the room saunas that people have installed in their homes. Plus, barrel saunas do not take away room from your home.
  • Outdoor Sauna use. Barrel saunas are designed to be used outdoors, which allows customers to enjoy the fresh air as they exit and enter the sauna. Plus, by allowing the sauna to be outdoors, barrel saunas ensure greater flexibility and more room for users.
  • Beauty. Northern Lights Sauna sells barrel saunas that are so beautiful that they appear more like lawn ornaments than saunas. These beautiful and relaxing saunas will let you enjoy all the health benefits of a sauna while improving the value of your home.
  • Superior Sauna experience. Many people find that barrel saunas offer exceptional relaxation, warmth, and enjoyment.

If you are ready to experience the relaxation and health benefits of a sauna, do not just covert an old linen closet into a sauna. Instead, buy a true barrel sauna from Northern Lights Sauna and you will be able to enjoy a truly quality barrel sauna.



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