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Wet Saunas (In General)

When it comes to saunas, wet saunas are some of the most beneficial to your health – and they are also some of the most fun to use!

What Is It?

Unlike a regular sauna, which simply produced steam from hot rocks or from a heating system, the sauna benefits in a wet sauna come from actual water that is misting down on you. It actually feels like you are in a rain forest, and the humidity is what creates the sauna effects.

Why Is It Good?

There are many reasons that a wet sauna is going to benefit your health. First of all, they don’t’ get quite as hot as a steam sauna, even though they have great health benefits. This means that you won’t be in a place that is as hot as a regular sauna, so they are going to be much more accessible to people with health conditions or people that don’t do well in saunas. Also, a wet sauna is going to give you the same feelings of relaxation and enjoyment that a steam sauna would. You are going to be able to use a wet sauna for longer than you’d be able to use a steam sauna, so you can get even more of the wonderful health benefits.

Remember that with any sauna, you should talk to your doctor before beginning to use it as a part of your regular routine. And you should always follow the directions and never use sauna for a longer period of time than has been recommended to you by the makers of the sauna or by your doctors. If used correctly, saunas can be among the best things for your health, and the best things for your mind. There might be nothing better for you than relaxing in a sauna, as long as you do it correctly!


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