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The Ultimate Sauna Tip Check List

The right sauna tip can turn your sauna experience from mediocre to fabulous. Consider this sauna tip checklist to make sure that you are doing everything to make your sauna experience great:

Sauna Tip #1: Give yourself lots of time to relax. A sauna should never be hurried.

Sauna Tip #2: Pre-heat your heater if needed. Unless you have a fast-heating sauna stove, you may need to turn on your heater at least one half_hour before you enter your sauna to ensure the right temperature. Check your sauna user guide for instructions about your sauna.

Sauna Tip #3: Control your temperature and humidity. Use a thermometer in your sauna to check your temperature and humidity. Adjust your sauna heater or pour water over the sauna stones to change humidity and temperature.

Sauna Tip #4: Take your sauna in the nude. One of the best things about having your own sauna is that you can enjoy your sauna in the nude, which allows your skin to "breathe" and allows you to maximize the benefits of your sauna experience.

Sauna Tip #5: Sit or lie down when taking a sauna and give yourself time to get used to the heat. This will help ensure a completely enjoyable and relaxing sauna experience.

Sauna Tip #6: Sit on different benches to get different effects. Higher benches will give you higher heat while lower benches in your sauna will give you gentler heating.

Sauna Tip #7: After ten or twenty minutes, cool down after your sauna with a shower or by dipping your body into a lake or pool. Relax for as long as you stayed in the sauna to give your body a chance to readjust to the different temperature outside the sauna. You can reenter your sauna if you like, but always follow with a cool down and a final shower to leave you feeling soothed and energized at the same time.


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