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Sauna Heater Sizing Chart

When building a Sauna Room, it is important to match up the size of the heater with the cubic Volume of the sauna room. This will determine the amount of air space that is to be heated. If the sauna is an outdoor sauna then you will want to consider a larger heater especially for the winter months.

MAX TEMP – Except for wood fired saunas, all UL or CSA certified sauna heaters in North America have a max high limit temperature for safety purposes. This is set at 194 F or 90 C for North America and is higher in most European countries. So, the size of the sauna heater will not affect the Max sauna temperature, however it will affect the heat up and recovery time.

If you are adding lots of water to the sauna rocks, then having a bigger sauna heater will increase the recovery rate of the sauna heater allowing more steam to be created. Smaller sauna heaters have less heat recovery and will take longer to reheat after water is poured on the rocks.

Most sauna heaters are built the same internally and simply increase the output by adding more heater elements. So for an example a 3 Kw and 5 Kw are virtually the exact same in size but internally the 3 Kw will have less heater elements than the 5 Kw.

Sizing a sauna room – The general rule of thumb is that you will require 1 Kw for every 50 cubic feet of sauna room. So, as an example for a 5.5' x 5' sauna room with a 7' ceiling you will require 5.5 x 5 x 7 = 192.5 cubic feet so you will require a 4 Kw or bigger sauna heater. Always round up and if in doubt go to the next size.

SaunaCoreTM Residential Heater Size










Amps 240 VAC 9.6 14.4 19.2 24.0 28.8 36.0 43.4 50.5
Wire Size #14 #14 #12 #10 #10 #8 #6 #6
Room Volume 100 150 200 250 300 375 450 525 


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