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Choosing the Right Sauna Door

A sauna door is a lot more than just a way to get into and out of your sauna. In fact, a sauna door can determine your sauna experience and can determine how long your sauna lasts. Great saunas have great doors, so if you are considering buying a sauna for yourself, do check closely to make sure that the door is quality and offers:

Solid hinges and hardware: Quality hinges are an absolute must for a good sauna door. Not only will the hinges on a sauna door have to deal with lots of stress due to frequent opening and closing of the sauna door, but it is important that the hinges stand up to heat and humidity as well. The handle needs to be easy to operate and any hardware on the door needs to stand up to changes in temperature and humidity well, as well. Poor quality hardware on your sauna door will result in temperature leaks and will start to look old and dingy quickly. Northern Lights Cedar Saunas sells sauna with real brass hardware. This helps ensure the very best sauna experience.

Windows: You may want your sauna door to have a window to let in light and to let you see whether there is any family member ahead of you in the sauna. If you select to get a sauna door with windows, it is important to select windows that are tempered and are solid enough to withstand high heat. You may also wish to select tinted windows which let in light but preserve your privacy. Norther Light Cedar Saunas offers sauna door window options that are sure to please you!

Wood: You will want your sauna door to look elegant and to fit in with the rest of your sauna. There is nothing more distracting when sitting in a sauna than to have a bright white door standing out from the wood staves like an eyesore. Northern Lights Cedar Saunas offers cedar sauna doors that look beautiful and last.

Insulation: Above all, your sauna door needs to be well insulated to trap heat and humidity inside your sauna. This is especially crucial if your sauna is inside your home, where escaped heat and humidity may cause damage to your furniture and walls. Even an outside sauna needs a good insulated sauna door, though, to prevent loss of heat inside the sauna.


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