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Cleaning your Sauna

Cleaning your sauna is an important part of sauna ownership and is often overlooked. A sauna can be a harsh environment as salts from sweat can break down wood fibers; bacteria and mold can quickly form if not cleaned properly. It is always recommended that a towel be placed on the sauna seats for each bather to sit on. This way they towel will absorb most of the sweat.

Once a sauna is finished you should take a towel and some clean tap water and quickly rinse down the seats and walls to ensure the sweat has been removed. However, depending on use, every so often a saunas needs to be cleaned with a disinfectant rinse. In a commercial sauna this should be done every day for health reasons. In a home sauna this may be done weekly or monthly depending on the use.

The kind of cleaning agent needs to be nontoxic and gentle on the wood. We suggest our Finnish Sauna Cleaner be used as it is specially formulated for cleaning a wooden sauna (follow directions on bottle). This light detergent leaves no residue and simply mixes with regular water. For deep cleaning add a couple capfuls to a bucket of warm water and use a light scrub brush on seats and walls. For light cleaning you can add a 1/2 cap full to a spray bottle and use this regularly after bathing.

Most saunas contain some from of a drain on the floor. It is important that the drain be kept clean and free from debris. Trapped hair can lodge in the drain causing a back up and creating problems including odors and mold. Ensure the drain is clean by removing the drain cap at least once a month and checking for any foreign matter that may cause a block.

Remove wet towels after use. Leaving towels in a sauna is a sure way of creating problems. Wet towels will quickly form mildew which will then transfer into the wood. Be sure to remove all fabrics including wet bathing suites after your sauna in finished.

If you love to steam the sauna rocks, then you may find the floor is very wet after use. before you shut down the sauna ensure the moisture can be vented out. This usually is as simple as opening the sauna vent to allow steam and humidity to escape. Doing so will ensure you enjoy the smell of cedar next sauna not the smell of mold.

A sauna is a place of healing and well being. keeping your sauna clean will enhance this spiritual cleansing and should be done often. Cleaning your sauna will also help prolong the life span of your sauna investment!


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