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Infrared Sauna Benefits

Considered a specialist application and modern choice for dry sauna, is the infrared sauna. It offers quite a wide range of benefits typical of a sauna, which we will not necessarily restate here.

Known as infra-red saunas, the infra-red radiant heating mechanism acts as a heat-generating source that produces heat at a lower, more comfortable temperature. This is one advantage infra-red saunas offer beyond traditional or other hot rock saunas. You also have the option of combining them for example in outdoor applications! So, it does not have to be an either/or situation if you hear/see anything here you particularly like. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COMPROMISE! The infra-red sauna products, kits, and application expertise at your fingertips, can provide you with lots of creative ideas for your customized need and specific requirements – they are highly versatile, robust, good for you and effective, easy to use, affording luxury, comfort, and increased wellbeing.

The other major contribution and health-related benefit from infrared saunas, is that the process actually enables more efficient internal cleansing processes in the human body. This is accomplished by isolating and mobilizing any trapped impurities or body toxins and immediately eliminating or expelling them directly through the skin.

This will in effect tax your internal system, body and organs LESS (especially the kidneys and liver whose normal functions are to get rid of toxic by-products and processing/expelling foreign or harmful ‘waste’). You strengthen your immunity and bodily functions and contribute to your overall health and wellness (maybe even outsmarting or delaying pre-mature ‘aging’ a bit!) WELL... at least get some R&R!

Infrared gets on and to optimum temperature that much faster and the stimulating of the natural processes involved in sweating/perspiring starts quickly, painlessly, and comfortably. Higher levels of ‘sweating out toxins’ are common with infrared saunas. To summarize then: they are just simply more efficient and more comfortable.

In addition to all these superior health benefits, experts also praise and recommends the infra-red sauna, for sporting more reasons to invest in it for life. These may include:

  • Portability and ease of use –it can be plugged into an existing electrical outlet.
  • No additional electrical wiring expenses or complex set-up.
  • Installations are quick and easy – gratification and satisfaction readily available immediately and effectively – GUARANTEED (in under an hour!) – almost turn-key and on-demand – perfect for the modern empowered hands-on consumer.
  • Some kits are easy to be used as on-demand units (assembly and de-construction are child’s-play in most cases).
  • Priced at around half what a hot-tub would typically cost, it is a smart option for many – if you have budget, small space or unique requirements, this innovative solution will work just perfectly fine for you – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SACRIFICE QUALITY AND COMFORT!
  • Infrared saunas are offered in a variety of sizes, finishes (cedar, poplar for example) and remains affordable.


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