Hybrid Sauna Heater

What is a Hybrid Sauna Heater? A Hybrid Sauna Heater is a Heating System that uses both a traditional Finish rock style heater as well as IR sauna Heating panels. This type of sauna heater provides the most effective sauna heater on the market. A Hybrid sauna heater will cause the user to sweat much quicker and much more than any other type of sauna heater.

A Hybrid sauna heater can use either traditional Finish electric heater or IR carbon Fiber panel heaters or the bather can select both for the ultimate sauna experience. When selecting both, a bather will find they can generally get the same sauna benefits in about ½ the time as using only one of the heating types.

Conventional Sauna

Two heating methods! An IR heater uses IR radiation to directly heat the objects in a sauna. This is the same direct radiation that provides warmth when directly in the sunlight. Ever noticed that even in the winter the sun can melt ice or feel warm even while it is still below freezing! A traditional Finish Sauna Heater uses convection to heat up the objects in a sauna room. Convection is the direct heating of air that comes in contact with the heating element. The hot air then circulates through the sauna heating up objects that it comes in contact with. Both methods can heat the body and cause a bather to sweat. However, using both at the same time will provide a double bake and increase the body’s temperature much quicker.

A Hybrid sauna is great for families that like both types of saunas. A sauna is a personal preference, some like hot dry saunas, other like wet steam saunas, and others prefer the lower temperatures of IR saunas. Investing in a Hybrid Sauna Heating System will allow family members and guests to choose as sauna style that is right for them.

IR sauna corner

When building a large Hybrid sauna room, it is generally better to build a smaller area within the sauna room that is specific to IR heating. IR heaters work like a light bulb and as such the closer the bather is to the source the better the effect. So, in a large sauna room rather than trying to fill the entire room with IR panels, it is better to focus or dedicate a smaller area to IR heating so that bathers that want to use IR heaters can do so by sitting closer to the IR panels. Generally placing the IR heaters in the corner of a large sauna room will give the best performance as it can project from two sides.

Wiring  Hybrid Sauna Room

Figure 2- Schematic 6.0 kW SaunaCore with up to 4 IR Heaters& Light -North America

If you are looking for the best of both worlds and can’t decide then we definitely suggest you consider a Hybrid heating system for your sauna room. Not only will you have both sauna heating types to choose from, but you will also have a sauna room that can heat your body and start you sweating in ½ the time.

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