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The PLUS-side of Dry Saunas: Advantages and Benefits

Saunas have a proud long history behind its innovation and use of approximately 1000+ years. Their original design and purpose had a lot to do with health and well-being, cleansing the body from the inside out through natural means of having a steam sauna – perspiration.

The plus-side of dry saunas has a lot to do with restoring optimal health, getting rid of impurities, re-establishing equilibrium, nurturing body, mind and soul. With the added bonus of moist and clear air passageways, reduced stress and an overall feeling of well-being and relaxation!

Modern-day sauna’s health benefits, combined with its ease of use, maintenance and low cost, still make it a popular choice for many. Home dry sauna’s offer privacy, escape and relaxation. They are easily installed and run with minimum ease and low cost. There are quite a range of handy kits available for self-installation. The ultimate DYI project, mostly featuring 1 ft cedar-wood boards, 4x6 to 8x10 pre-built doors and bench(es) are mostly included.

Interior saunas are best installed mostly in the basement, somewhere in the corner, where less materials will be required. First steps always involve preparing the surface in question, framing the walls and ceiling with the cedar – no vapor barrier would be required as a paperback foil is placed over the studs, with wood then mounted directly over it. The sauna floor can be laid down directly on the existing basement floor and consists of one-by-four boards laid down on crosswise 'sleeper' boards for support. Bathrooms and saunas should be preferably kept separate and solid wiring practices ascribed to, to ensure maximum safety. These days experts are of the opinion that western red clear cedar is the recommended sauna choice for the ultimate in satisfaction and natural beauty coming to its full right.

Calming comfort, restful, peaceful, tranquility, replenishing and enabling simplicity makes dry saunas a welcome addition to any home and lifestyle. They are uncomplicated; easy to assemble and maintain. Heating and cooling down simple and safe. When the unit is dry, cleaning is minimal and will increase the longevity of your investment. No need to purchase expensive cleaning products or specialized chemicals, filters or mandatory water testing absolutely required for other hot tub and outdoor applications.

Pragmatic and useful, stylish in design, function and purpose, keeping it simple for dry saunas is the motto!


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