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Can a Dry Heat Sauna Improve Your Health?

A dry heat sauna provides an invigorating and relaxing experience because it involves a soothing heat with no moisture. Many sauna enthusiasts love the warmth and invigorating experience of a dry heat sauna. Many also feel that a dry heat sauna offers more health advantages than a steam sauna. Among the health benefits that have been attributed to the dry heat sauna are:

  • Invigoration and cardiovascular exercise. The dry heat sauna causes your heart to start pumping faster and your blood vessels to start opening. This sends more blood and oxygen to the internal organs. As a result, after a dry heat sauna, you will feel as though you have just had an invigorating exercise session and will emerge from your sauna refreshed and energized.
  • Burn calories. A dry heat sauna really causes your sweat glands to work, which uses up calories and uses up energy. Research has proven that users of a dry heat sauna can burn more than 300 calories in a dry heat sauna session.
  • Rid the body of more toxins. Experts believe that a dry heat sauna helps rid the body of more toxic metals than steam sauna. A dry heat sauna can help rid your body of lead, mercury, nickel, sodium, sulfuric acid and cholesterol that has been gathered from the environment.
  • Safer heat. A dry heat sauna uses infrared energy. While this energy allows the dry heat sauna to create heat and generate sweat, it also allows a dry heat sauna to work at a cooler temperature than other types of saunas. In fact, a dry heat sauna usually works at about 110F to 130F while hot air or steam saunas can reach temperatures of 180F to 235F. The lower heat used in a dry heat sauna is great for the elderly, those with high blood pressure, and for those with heart problems. Lower temperatures simply mean a safer sauna experience.


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