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Cedar Sauna Kits - Barrel Sauna Kits

Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas offers cedar sauna kits designed to be easily assembled on-site. We realize that many folks who want to enjoy our saunas may not be all that handy with tools or feel comfortable taking on complicated do-it-yourself projects. Each of our cedar sauna kits has been carefully formulated with you in mind! We want you to be able to put one of our kits together with a minimum of know-how and in just a few hours.

We don't cut any corners with our barrel sauna kits here at Northern Lights. You want your new sauna to last a long time in top quality condition - it's an investment after all. So our barrel sauna kits include only the best materials, including only "select" grade western red cedar for the main inner and outer construction, and stainless steel strapping to keep the sauna's outer housing in perfect shape year after year.

We use highly accurate laser guided milling processes to assure extremely tight fits in all joints. This is extremely important, as your sauna kit needs to be assembled with as little gapping as possible to ensure long-term stability. We closely inspect each finished product before shipping to be 100% confident that the sauna you build from our kit is impressive and sturdy to provide years of safe operation.

Each of our cedar sauna kits also includes a state-of-the-art electric sauna heater from Home Craft. These stainless steel heaters are designed to last a long time with little maintenance, no rusting, and consistent heat output. Again, every component in a Northern Lights cedar barrel sauna kit has been painstakingly designed for the long haul. We want you to enjoy your sauna for years to come!

Your Northern Lights sauna kit includes a very important structural component - the floor joists. This integral part of the overall structure is made with high quality pressure-treated wood. It will resist warping and decay in even the most extreme weather conditions. Since your entire sauna rests on the foundation joists, a lot of care has gone into the design and materials used.

Inside your new sauna, you'll find bi-level bench seating for up to 8 occupants at one time. Having two different levels of seating allows you to cool off if things get a bit too hot on the upper benches. It's also handy if your kids want to partake of this relaxing experience as well. Each bench is made from clear western red cedar and is carefully hand-sanded to produce a smooth, sliver-free surface for maximum comfort.

Putting together your new Northern Lights sauna from one of our cedar sauna kits has been made as easy as humanly possible. Highly detailed assembly instructions - written with the novice in mind - are included, complete with photos and clear illustrations. The operating manual answers many common questions during the installation process.


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