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Cedar a Better Choice than Fir

A sauna is a wonderful addition to any home. The convenience of your own sauna means that you can enjoy the benefits whenever you choose; be it once a day or once a week. Besides the health rewards, a sauna can be a wonderful way to increase both the esthetic and monetary values of your home.

When deciding on what to use to build your sauna it’s clear that cedar is a better choice than fir. Cedar’s qualities outshine fir in many respects.

The primary reason that fir is not a good choice for building a sauna is that fir is a very weak wood. Fir is often ground into a pulp. This pulp is then used in several different ways. When you are building a sauna using a wood that is strong is important. Cedar although lightweight is a very strong wood. You expect your sauna to stand the test of time and with cedar it will.

Fir has no odor. One of the most appealing elements of a cedar sauna is the fragrance. It adds to the ambiance of the sauna. The fact that fir cannot offer the same benefits aromatically that cedar does makes it a poor choice.

Cedar is very appealing to look at. Fir isn’t as aesthetically pleasing. When using fir within a sauna the wood would need to be treated either by a protective coating or by painting. One of the most attractive qualities of cedar is that it can be used as is. Its appearance is stunning without having to add any additional coverings.

One of the characteristics of fir that makes it a poor choice for building a sauna is that fir is a very dense wood. This makes it difficult to work with. It is harder to cut than cedar and when constructing a sauna, you will want materials that are easy to work with.

Cedar is clearly the better choice when it comes to choosing wood for a sauna. Fir simply cannot offer the same construction and visually appealing benefits that cedar can. If you want a sauna that is strong, durable, and affordable than cedar is the clear choice.


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