Cedar Barrel Saunas

Truly unique in design, the Barrel Sauna offers a novel round shape and offers a great way to sit back at home and relax. Now you can have your very own personal cedar sauna for weight loss, improved blood circulation, releasing skin toxins and more at home.

Cedar Barrel Saunas are designed and hand-crafted for both indoor and outdoor use and include all the features you’d expect to find at your health club, beauty spa or resort. You can install our cedar saunas to your backyard, your recreation room or even your garage.

Our cedar barrrel saunas are made standard at 7' Interior diameter for proper head room and max comfort. The wood we use is 1 1/2" thick for all our sauna walls.

We also provide round saunas kit. Round saunas use the same technology as we used to make barrel saunas. As compared to traditional square or rectangular home saunas, round saunas look great. Most importantly, you don’t need to waste your time, money, and energy heating those useless corners and cement pads of traditional rectangular home saunas.

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