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Carbon Fiber IR Sauna Heaters

There are a few different types of Infrared Saunas Heaters on the market. All types produce a heat using infrared wave spectrum. The IR wave spectrum is the same heat wavelength that is produced by sunlight. Infrared or IR heaters are very safe means of providing a warming heat. In fact, IR heaters are used in most hospitals to heat new born babies.

There are generally three heating methods used to produce IR heat waves. The first is through the use of quartz, the second is through ceramic rods, and the third is through a carbon fiber heating panel. All three can produce a safe IR wave that is ideal for warming the body and causing sweat. Our bodies also emit their own heat radiation. It is generally accepted that the closer to the body’s natural wavelength the better the body will absorb the incoming radiation, this process is called "resonant absorption." This resonant absorption occurs when the frequency of the far infrared matches the frequency of the water in the cells.


Near, Middle and Far IR wavelength. IR radiation can be broken down tow three categories based on the wavelength spectrum. IR wavelength ranges between .75 and 1,000 micros (distance between waves). Far is rated at .75-1.5 microns, Middle is 1.5-5.6 and FAR is rated at 5.6-1,000 microns. The human body naturally radiates IR body heat from its body at the range of 8-14 microns. This is considered in the FAR IR spectrum and is the safest radiation level to use in a sauna. This is the wave spectrum where the resonances absorption occurs in the body.

The FAR radiation is produced by heat sources such as carbon and ceramic heaters. However, in order to get the wavelength to match that of the body we need to ensure the wavelength is similar. This is done through the physical connection of heat and wavelength. Wiens Law defines this relationship. The hotter an object, the closer together are the wavelength. So, to get a wavelength in the 8-14 micron range we need a low temperature emitting heat source. This is where Carbon Fiber Sauna heaters are considered superior compared to ceramic heaters. A carbon fiber heater emits lower temperature than a ceramic heater for the same wattage. This is because the wattage is spread out over a much large space. As an example, a 300 Watt carbon panel sauna heater measures about 180 F at the surface temperature, where as a ceramic 300 Watt sauna heater measures 750 F at the heater element. Ultimately carbon fibers sauna heaters produce IR radiation closest to the 8-14 micron spectrum.

Besides closely matching the natural body’s spectrum, Carbon Fiber sauna heaters have other significant advantages. Carbon Fiber heaters have a much larger surface area and as such can heat a much larger portion of the body compared to ceramic heaters. 


This larger size also allows the wave spectrum to be evenly spread over the body.

The other advantage of the carbon panel is in its construction. Our panels are constructed using a sandwich technology whereby a nano carbon fiber mat is sandwiched between layers of organic epoxy resin which protects carbon from any damage. This technique creates a panel that is virtually indestructible and comes with a Life-Time Warranty. The back of the panel contains an aluminum sheath that helps reflect the radiation forward back into the room.

 Carbon panels have a much larger surface area

Panels mount like a picture frame

If you are looking at building your own sauna room and would like to add infrared sauna panels then you will find that carbon fiber are much easier to install as they simply mount to the wall of a sauna. Other ceramic style heaters must be recessed into the sauna wall and require framing and other internal wiring to be mounted properly.  The higher operating temperatures of ceramic sauna heaters also can increase the risk of internal fires.

Panels mount like a picture frame

Infrared heater for sauna


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