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The Beauty of a Cedar Sauna

A cedar sauna room can add beauty and value to your home. Many people prefer a cedar sauna over other sauna types because cedar is a natural and fragrant wood that really adds to a sauna. With a cedar sauna, you can enjoy the warm, rich red of cedar wood and the gently fragrant quality of the wood. A cedar sauna simply looks more beautiful for a long time. It really adds to your sauna experience and provides you with the very highest quality. If you want a true quality sauna, you want a cedar sauna. It really is that simple.

In fact, many people believe that the only true sauna is a cedar sauna, since in Finland, where the sauna was created and where it continues to be used for health and relaxation, cedar saunas are the standard. Traditionally, saunas have always been built of the fragrant cedar wood.

Some people even believe that cedar wood contains antioxidant or health benefits. Certainly, cedar wood has been proven to be a repellent for insects, which means that a cedar sauna will naturally offer some protection from evening insects. A natural cedar wood sauna will also stand up to time better, since you will not have to worry about insect damage to your investment.

Northern Lights Cedar Saunas goes even further to provide you with a real quality cedar sauna. Northern Lights Cedar Saunas only uses a high-quality "select" grade western red cedar for its cedar saunas. Plus, the doors of the Northern Lights Cedar Sauna saunas are made of "clear" western red cedar, which looks beautiful and is lasting. This quality grade of cedar is perfect for outdoor applications and withstands the heat and humidity of saunas perfectly, ensuring that your cedar sauna works and looks beautiful today and for years to come.


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