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300 Watt Infrared Sauna Heater (Carbon fiber) 220 VAC

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300 Watt Infrared Sauna Heater (Carbon fiber) 220 VAC

Carbon Ceramic panel heaters are the most effective infrared heaters for sauna in the market! These 300 Watt heaters have a much larger surface area which covers 1000 times more body surface than any other style of infrared heater.

These heaters emit infrared radiation in the 4-14 micron range. This is the most ideal spectrum as it most closely match our bodies natural energy absorbtion. Unlike other ceramic tube style IR heaters, the carbon fiber will not burn. The maximum temperature is 190 degrees compared to other heaters that can get glowing red hot (up to 600 degrees). The lower temperature emits longer waves which are deeper penetrating.

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The infrared heater emits safe radiation that penetrates up to 1 " though the body. Unlike convectional sauna heaters, Infrared heaters only heat the body not the air. The end result is you sweat more profusely at a lower temperature. The deep muscle perpetration stimulates cells and is ideal for healing sports injuries, arthritis and other muscle and tissue ailments.

These heaters are made from a special carbon fiber paper that is laminated between two layers of fiberglass. This indestructible sheet is then framed using hand sanded bass wood frame.


The dimension of the heaters are 32" x 20" and come with protective wooden heat guards. These are the easiest heaters to install into any new or existing sauna cabin. Simply hang them on the wall in the same way you would a picute frame. Each heater comes with ready to connect wiring. The heaters can be connected to an existing sauna controller or wired directly to a power switch similar to a house light switch. IR heat is more like a light and as such most people choose to use an on/off configuration rather than a temperature controlled switch.

You can quickly turn a small space such as a closet into your own infrared sauna! The guide line for selecting the number of heaters is minimum 15 Watts per 1 cubic ft. For example a 3' x 4' x 6' space = 72 cubic feet (3x4x6). This area would require 1080 Watts, or 3.6 heaters (always round up) so 4 x 300 Watt heaters would be ideal for this size area. This guideline assumes a heat temperature requirement similar to a traditional Finish Sauna.

These IR panels are available in both 120VAC and 240VAC. However if the Mercuri controller is to be used (which requires 240 volt service), the 240 version of the panels should be selected.

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Comes with lifetime replacement warranty!


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