Pouring water on sauna rocksby Admin
Jan 2014

Message: I was told that I can not pour water on sauna rocks as I will possibly electrocute myself?  Is this true?   I was also looking at your sauna rocks that you have on your store and wondering what the weight is for shipping purposes.   Eric

Dated on : 01-15-2013



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Eric, this is a big myth.  A sauna heater is exactly the same as your stove or over tops.  I am sure you have over boiled water and it has landed on the element with no harm.  Some hotels use this as a scare tactic as water can cause a sauna heater to rust out if it is not stainless steel.  As for our sauna rocks they come in a box weight 25 Kg our about 55 lbs.

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 01-15-2013


Thanks that is what I had thought but just checking.  I am need of sauna rocks for my sauna as my old ones smell must.  I will order online.  Thanks for all your help!   Eric

Post By : Eric Mueller Dated On : 01-15-2013

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