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The Many Benefits of a Sauna Steam Room -  Steam Sauna


A Steam Sauna can be an important part of the sauna experience. In some cultures, steam is essential to the sauna bathing experience. For example, some Native American cultures use the sweat lodge as a way to bathe and as a way to take part in rituals. In Turkey, steam baths were in past generations a key way to socialize and bathe. Today, a steam sauna can offer many advantages, including:

  • Relaxation: The warmth and moisture created by steam saunas melts away stress and allows for the ultimate soothing and relaxing experience. Some people find that the steam created by a cedar steam sauna adds to the relaxing benefits of a sauna. Many people enjoy watching the steam in a sauna room, an experience they find very soothing and relaxing.

  • The chance to sweat: Sauna Steam Rooms tend to generate more sweat which some people feel adds to the sauna experience.

  • Cleansing: Steam Saunas do tend to make many people feel cleaner, possibly because of the extra steam and moisture generated. This can make the sauna experience more pleasant. Of course,  a steam sauna offers many of the same health benefits as other sauna types.

  • Quality sauna experience. Many people enjoy a sauna steam room specifically because they feel that steam saunas offer a more pleasurable sauna experience. Enthusiasts of steam saunas often note that the steam in steam saunas adds to privacy during a sauna and can add a pleasant scent to the sauna, especially if a wood-burning stove and fragrant wood is used.

  • Control. Many fans of sauna steam room find that they enjoy the control that steam saunas offer. By pouring more water over the sauna stones or by using less water, for example, it is possible to control how much steam emerges.

  • Tradition. Many people enjoy steam saunas because of the long tradition of steam bathing in many cultures. Steam saunas simply make many enthusiasts feel like part of history.

If you are ready to experience all the advantages of steam saunas and experience the enjoyment of saunas, contact Northern Lights Cedar Saunas today. Northern Lights Cedar Saunas has the expertise and service that can help you get the sauna you have always wanted. With a wide selection of barrel sauna types which are designed to be used as steam saunas, Northern Lights Cedar Saunas can be trusted with all your sauna needs.

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