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What does it cost to operate a saunas?

Why is sauna something special in Finland?

What is a Finnish sauna like?

How are you supposed to bathe?

How hot is it in there?

Do Finns really jump out naked into the snow in the middle of sauna bathing and roll around in winter time? Or go swimming in a frozen lake?

How much energy does it consume?

How do I pay?

What is Hypo Allergetic wood?

What is your warranty?

How do I know I have selected the correct configuration?

Do you have a brochure?

What is the optimum height for a sauna?

How do you ship?

Are there any taxes or duty?

What is your exchange refund policy?

What is Hybrid Technology?

What is different about your saunas.

Are you Magicyura Infrared Heaters better than other?

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