21 Kw Commercial Sauna Heaters

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Stainless Steel Sauna Heater with mechanical controller
The Saunacore Ultimate Commercial Sauna Heater was designed for sauna rooms that are primarily used for commercial use with larger volume of space to be heated. This heater is meant for heavy-duty use such as a fitness club or hotel, while being able to provide years of reliable service. This floor-mounted unit has extra venting for proper air flow. It is made of a triple walled stainless-steel body that ensures the surface stays cool. Saunacore sauna heaters are considered one of the most reliable and efficient heaters in the world. They are manufactured in North America under UL/CSA standards and backed by one of the best warranties in the business.


  • Heat deflector surrounding rock tray directs heat into sauna, whereas others heat directly upwards over heater.
  • Precisely engineered baffled shell construction provides enhanced air flow for quicker heat-up time.
  • Ultra long-life industrial incoloy silver solder heating elements that are
  • more durable than copper or stainless steel elements
  • Triple wall stainless-steel construction for lower surface temperatures
  • Extremely well-ventilated body construction can allow heater run up to 50 degrees cooler than other comparable sauna heaters.
  • Cold air at floor level is sucked up from the open underside of the heater and flows through the hot rock compartment, creating the air convection method in motion throughout sauna.
  • Deep, large capacity stone compartment with adjustable 3-level stone
  • tray holds up to 280lbs of stones
  • Built-in high temperature safety cut-off switch.
  • 100% Surgical Stainless Steel (304 grade) construction, including shell, inner baffles, frame and rock tray.
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty!

Comes with External Mount Mechanical Industrial Controller

 ULTC9  Ultimate Commercial  9kW  240 / 1 / 37.5  450  $2590  $1950
 ULTC105  Ultimate Commercial  10.5kW  240 / 1 / 43.8  525  $2620  $1,965
 ULTC12  Ultimate Commercial  12kW  240 / 1 / 50.0  600  $2690  $2,020
 ULTC15  Ultimate Commercial  15kW  208 / 3 / 41.8  750 $2950   $2,220
 ULTC18  Ultimate Commercial  18kW  208 / 3 / 50.0  900  $3440  $2,580
 ULTC21  Ultimate Commercial  21kW  208 / 3 / 58.4  1050  $4040  $3,030
External Mount Mechanical Industrial Controller


  • 21000 Watts 208 VAC
  • 21"W x 34"H x 21"D
  • Comes with special sauna rocks
  • Incoloy elements
  • Industrial low density silver soldered
  • Floor Mount
  • Max room size 1050 cubic feet
  • UL,CSA approved
Dimension (L x W x H) 12 x 12 x 12 Inch
Weight 150 Pound

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