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Northern Lights Cedar HYBRID Saunas


Tools required: screw driver,  rubber mallet, 2 adjustable wrenches,  and small step ladder.


People required: two


Time: weekend 3-4 hours


Other required work: Create foundation, electrical hook up by licensed electrician.


Hybrid Assembly
1.) Shipped completely disassembled in six easy-to-assemble panels. Our saunas are transportable - owners can take it along when they move.

 2.) Our units can be assembled in as little as 3 hours.  Start by placing the floor on a level surface close to final destination.

3.) Install back wall into groved floor slot

4.) Install front wall

5.) With a helper, slide roof into place on slotted back and front walls

6.)  Install  side walls and corners
7.) Install heaters on walls and connect plugs
8.) Install light
 9.) Attach door and seats!


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