Sauna Hour Glass Timer Cedar

Sauna Hour Glass Timer Cedar

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Sauna hourglass timer Sauna hourglass sand timer A great gift idea! Check...

Check out the attention to detail! This a commercial grade sauna timer! This hand crafted wooden sauna hourglass timer is manufactured by Northern Lights Cedar Products, a world leader in cedar products for the outdoor lifestyles. This is a must for any sauna enthusiast!

Keeping track of time in a sauna is something bathers tend to ignore. As you melt away your stress time becomes less important. However, for health reason on should monitor the length of time during a sauna session. It is widely regarded that multiple short sessions are better than one long session.

This classic sand timer is what the Finnish used 2000 years ago while enjoying their saunas. Basic hourglass timers are still used today. The simple principle of sand falling though a thin funnel is both entertaining and accurate. This timer is calibrated in 15 minute intervals.

To use simply tip the hourglass upside down and let the sand flow. 15 minutes will pass until all the sand is gone. Flip over again for another 15 minute session.

Dimension (L x W x H) 12 x 12 x 12 Inch
Weight 1 Pound

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