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Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas

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Northern Lights Cedar Saunas manufacture the finest outdoor barrel saunas and indoor sauna kits. Each sauna is hand crafted using the finest Western Red Cedar. Our unique stave design for our barrel saunas ensure a water tight seal so that no roof or covering is needed. We use only the finest components including clear Grade “A” western red cedar, stainless steel straps and fasteners, and offer sauna heating system using electric or wood fired options as well as our popular hybrid sauna heating system that utilized both traditional sauna heating technology as well as infrared sauna heating technology.

Our outdoor barrel saunas and indoor cedar sauna rooms come in a simple Pre-Fab Sauna kits, that is simple to install even by the “Not so Handy”! Most saunas can be installed in under a day with minimal or no carpentry experience. Visit our Sauna Installation Guide.

We export globally so please give us a call any time 1-800-759-8990!

Barrel Sauna Models and Sizes

Title4 Person6 Person8 Person
Volume 154 ft3(4.4m3) 226 ft3(6.4m3) 259 ft3(7.3m3)
Exterior Dimensions (L x H)

71-1/8 x76-3/8” (180.7 x 194 cm)

83-1/8 x 85-3/4” (211 x 217.7 cm)

93-1/2” x 85-3/4” (237.5 x 217.7 cm)

Interior Height *From flat floor 71-7/8” (182.6 cm) 76-3/4”* (195 cm*) 76-3/4”* (195 cm*)
Door Opening Dimensions 24 x 62” (61 x 157.5cm) 24 x 71-3/8” (61 x 181.3 cm)

24 x 71-3/8” (61 x 181.3 cm)

Bench Dimensions (W x L)
1 – same height seats; 2- high seat; 3- low seat
20-1/8 x 65-1/4”(51.3 x 165.9 cm) 22-7/8 x 75-1/8”20-1/4 x 75-1/8”3 22-7/8 x 86-1/4”20-1/4 x 86-1/4”3
Flat Floor Width None provided 30” (76.2 cm) 30” (76.2 cm)
Base Dimensions (W x L) 65 x 65” (165 x 165 cm) 63 x 72-3/4” (160 x 184.8 cm) 63 x 84-3/4” (160 x 215.3 cm)
Heater Options 5kW Wet/Dry or Wood Heater 6kW Wet/Dry or Wood Heater 7.5kW Wet/Dry or Wood Heater
Heat-up time 20 min 20 min 20 min
Heating Options 2 IR panel addition 4 IR panel addition none

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