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Dec 2012


I inherited a large barrel sauna with my house.  I live in a very small town in northern Minnesota, USA.  I sanded the outside of it over the past few weeks because it was very dirty & grimy.  It looks good now and I was thinking about staining it and varnishing it.  Is this a good idea or would you recommend something else?  Also, a few of the boards are bent a little so I was going to tighten those bands but could I do anything else to straighten them out like apply pressure another way or nail them? 



Dated on : 13-12-2011


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Yes you can stain it.  I would suggest Sikkens Cetol  but only use this product on the outside.  It comes in a variety of shades but the cedar tone is the most popular and the one we use. 

By all means tighten the bands if they are loose as this would help straighten them


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