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Mar 2014

Message: I know this may seem like a dumb question but can you tell me what the difference between and infrared sauna is versus your barrel sauna?   I have seen lots of marketing on infrared saunas but don't know what is better.  I really enjoy the saunas found at our gym and in hotels.   jerry

Dated on : 03-14-2013


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Jerry, thanks for your enquiry.  The question of what is an infrared sauna is one that is asked often especially if you are used to a regular Finnish Sauna.  An infrared sauna is relatively new concept in sauna technology and to some die hard sauna enthusiasts, is not considered a traditional sauna.  An infrared sauna uses light waves call infrared radiation.  They are not visible but are similar to a light wave.  The infrared heater emits infrared radiation that heats objects instead of the air.  A traditional sauna heater heats via convection.  The air contacts the hot stones and heats up circulating through the sauna and indirectly heating the objects.    The Infrared radiation results in the same warming feeling as when you are in the sunlight as it is the same radiation. They both perform the same function in heating the body and causing you to sweat, only one does it directly (Infrared) and one does it indirectly (convection).   The biggest difference between the two is that an infrared sauna has a cooler air temperature which some people prefer.  This is because the air is not being directly heated as it is in a traditional finish sauna.  Because infrared sauna use a light wave they work best in small confined area and are generally much smaller than a traditional sauna room.   Dan  

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 03-14-2013


Dan thanks for your great response to my question.  I really like your barrel sauna product and think I would prefer a traditional sauna heater as this is what I grew up on.  I do like the heat and love adding water to the sauna rocks.   Jessie

Post By : Jessie Morrow Dated On : 03-14-2013

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