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Apr 2014

Message: Hi there I love you barrel saunas but I am looking for a longer sauna that is 12' in length.  I see that you have a 8' foot sauna.  Do you make them any larger?   J

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Jason sorry we don't have a 12 foot sauna.  The largest length we make is an 8 foot barrel sauna.   All our saunas do come at 7 foot diameter.  The problem is that 12' clear cedar is very expensive and we only use clear cedar.   Most 12' saunas use knotty cedar and the knots leak and wood warps with knotty cedar or pine so we stay away from this. Dan

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Thanks for that information.? We were looking at the over sauna room for a change room but we really like your saunas.? You are correct that the other competitor used knotty cedar wood.? Can you tell me how long it would take to be delivered to Seattle from the time we place our order?? ?Jason

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Post By : Jason Woods Dated On : 04-30-2013


Jason we are currently at at 3 week production schedule as the spring is our busiest season.  If you need it earlier we might be able to squeeze it in.  Let me know. Dan

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Great, one last question.  Do your barrel saunas come with a solid wooden door for privacy or just the glass door? Jason

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Yes this is an option.  Years ago this was available as a standard option but we found 98% of all orders have the glass sauna door.  the cost is the same as the cedar door construction is actually more than the glass sauna door. Dan

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 Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 04-30-2013

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