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Feb 2013

Message: Hi there, I am looking at your 6' x 8' indoor sauna kit.  The DIY sauna kit.  We have a framed room and the dimensions would fit our 6 x 8' sauna kit.  In your diagrams you show the seating on the back wall which in our case would be the 8 foot wall.  I have seen other designs that have L shapes sauna benches.  Can you offer this?  If so how much extra is it for the additional wall.   Thanks   Stew

Dated on : 02-27-2013


Replies :

Hi Stew, yes we can add L shaped benches to any of our DIY Sauna Kits.  This style of seating arrangement is more popular in our larger sauna rooms such as the one you are looking at.  In our smaller saunas it in not as popular as there is little room for both the door the heater and then seats.  The cost is $200 extra for the L shaped sauna seats.  You would need to let us know if you want it on the right or the left wall when looking into the sauna.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 02-27-2013


Great to here.  How do I proceed to order as you only have the back bench option and not the L shaped option for your sauna rooms?

Post By : Stew Barnes Dated On : 02-27-2013


Just give us a call or shoot off an email to or 1 800 759 8990 and we can ensure you get the correct L seats ordered with your sauna room.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 02-27-2013

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